10 December 2005

Every saturday I am serving God in a youthprison. It is a blessing to be there! The more I am with them, the more compassion I get for them. And God put on my heart to do something special for them, in this time of the year.

Therefore we visited the prison with a youthteam from the church in Tartu(you can see those precious people on the picture!) We wanted the prisoners to get a taste of christmas. Around 75 prisoners gathered in a gymhall and listened to us. So we were singing several christmas-songs for them. And it sounded so good! Then Anette testified..very good! One of the guys on our team testified as well. Earlier he actually stayed in prison for 4 years. He really know what this prisonlife is all about. But then he spoke of how God got hold of His life and changed it in a tremendous way! When you looked at the prisoners, you could see they were touched by this testimony. In the end I was sharing what christmas is all about- the reality of it. The presence of God was there the whole time. I believe all the prisoners were touch by God, through songs and the different words that were spoken.

When we were finished performing, we went down to the kitchen together with all the prisoners. The reason was, that we had made ready cakes and mullet claret(gløgg) for them! They enjoyed this very much. And when they had finishing eating and drinking, we gave a christmas gift for every single prisoner...(a chocolate and a card with a bibleverse and a greeting from the youths)

We had a wonderful time to day. By doing all of this, we're showing that we do care for them, and that we wanted to bless them! We talked to some of the guys in the prison, and they were so thankful- it meant a lot to them. I am so excited for the coming year, and the time I will have in the prison. God is so good, so merciful and faithful! He can change the life of everyone, and I am ever thankful for it!!

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Anette said...

Ja, var herlig i fengselet! TAKK for at vi fikk være med :) Gud er goooooooooooooood!!!!!