04 September 2008

Hei! After being one year in coma I suddenly woke up, and the first thing I decided to do was to change my blogg. So from now on you can check out: www.estonianmission.wordpress.com

Be blessed!

16 April 2008

Hei dear faithful friends! Thanks for stoping by;) Ok, I don't have much time to write right now, but since I feel the blog pressure and I'II write som stuff here...Yeah, what's the news? Last weekend, no actually two weekends ago I was in Estonia!! That was soooo amazing and my thoughts are still captivated from the days I spent there... I had not been there since last May, so it was special to meet the people I had nearly spent two years with. I realize that Estonia more or less is a second home to me. That place has definitly stolen parts of my heart! I give you a picture from there:

Here are some of the guys! We went with a team of youths from Zoe Kiren. Great bunch of people. Really a blessing to be with them!

Time is flying. The exams are waiting, so you won't hear from me until the end of May! So if you want you can pray for my exams I would be very thankful;) God bless you!

27 March 2008

Oj oj oj...what can I say? I am impressed that you still have patience with me. I haven't been in the blogg mood for a while as you can see. I won't make any promises that I will be a faithful blogwriter in the future either, but anyway..here I am.

Right now I am sitting here at the libary of the University of Oslo. Loads of stuff to do and there seems no end to it, but praise God there is victory. When I think about it, I have only 5-6 weeks left of the this semester and then I have passed one year of arabic studies! I will probably continue to study arabic next year as well, where I take one semester in Damascus, Syria to improve my speaking skills. So let's see..I think that will be really cool.

I had a great Easter by the way. First I spent some days with my family at our cabin in Renå fjellet. Just relaxing, skiing in the mountains and eating lots of food and sweets hehe...Wednesday evening I went to Idre-fjellet in Sweden with a bunch of friends of mine. That was awesome! We rented 10 scooters and drove mile after mile...MAN! It is so much fun! Here are some pictures from the trip:

09 November 2007

The fellowship of sharing in his sufferings...

Hei! To day I was watching Benny Hinn on God TV. That channel is such a blessing from God and I can sit there forever listening to the word of God. I was really touched by what Benny Hinn shared to day and I just want to share with you briefly.

He read from the book of Phillipians, chapter 3:10

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, (NIV)

This is a powerful verse and I have read it many times, but very often I have stopped at the part which says: "...to know Christ", we all want know him, and "the power of his resurrection", because we want all the power from God so we can do mighty things for God.

But B. Hinn talked about what comes next in this verse; "and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.." This part we often skip because it makes us a bit scared. But this is the fellowship that God want to enter into. A fellowship that the Apostle Paul desired with all of his heart. As Benny Hinn said, very few Christians to day know about this fellowship, it is unfamiliar to us. But when Jesus touches us with his presence and glory He want us to participate in all of who He is. He want us to come closer to Him and unite with Him.
The verse goes on to say; "..becoming like him in his death". To die..? Yes, that is the position God want us to be in, where we are no longer fighting on our own, but rather resting in his presence and let Jesus take controll. A postion where Gods presence is over us 24 hours a day, not just now and then. How? It happens when you die to yourself and Jesus becomes alive in you. His glory rests on you and stays there. The postion the Bible talks about as "prayer without season..." "walking in the spirit", "walking in love". That is the place God has ready for all of us here on earth.

I don't know if I expressed myself good enough here, but I hope the Holy Spirit does his part too. My friends, there is much more to the Christian life than we have exprienced so far. It is easy to settle down and think this is it. But let never the thirst and the hunger for God diminish in your life. Jesus is really alive to day!! Let us get to know Him personally in a deeper way.

God bless you.

19 October 2007

Hei! I just want to write briefly here on my bloggy. Yesterday I came home to my family for the weekend. And after being in Oslo the last weeks it is good to see them again. So what have I been doing lately? Hmm...the studies takes most of the time during the weeks. I tell you, to study arabic is not the easiest thing to do, but it is fun (even though I am tempted to through the arabic book out of the window sometimes) When I look back I actually realize that I have learned something. We have three tests before the excam in Descember and we have to qualify on two of them. I have qualifed on the two tests we have had so far, so then I am ready for the excam.

Apart from from the studies then...what have I done? Last weekend I had the priviledge to join one friend of mine, David Aanje, to Hamar and preach for the youths in his church, Livets senter. That was great! Long time since I preached so it was good to start again. That church runs a tv channel as well and I was attending one of their programs that was about missions. So they made an interview with me and I shared some of my experience as a missionary. So in november you can see me on the Christian channel, Visjon Norge.

Now my time is running out here...I need to go back to my studies. I have a lot of things to do. No room for vecation yet!

God bless you all!!

07 September 2007

Hei! I am still alive!!!!!!! Yooohooo...Yeah, please forgive me for not writing on my blog these last months. Actually I have tried twice but just right before publishing it, something happened to the computer. Now I try for the third time, and I will just give you a brief information of what I am doing now a days.

As most of you know, I returned back from Estonia in Mai, after nearly two years there serving as a missionary. I must admit that I miss that time more and more....It was for sure an amazing time in my life. But though I am not living there I will visit the church and the people now and then.

To day I am enjoying the life as a student. I am now studying at the University of Oslo, where I study about the Middle East and North Africa (culture, society, politics, religion and Arabic) This year will mostly concist of Arabic-studies. I am actually planning to learn Arabic. Next year I might take one semester in Damascus in Syria to practice the language, but that is not descided yet. You may wonder why I chose to study this? The reason is mostly becaue I feel God is calling me to do missionwork among the Arabs in the area of Middle East and North Africa. It is a exited study but also very challenging!

This was all for this time, but I will try to write more often;) This weekend it is the youthconferance "Breack Through" in Zoè Kirken, and I am really looking forward for those days. Tom Jensen, Remi Høidahl and Johannes Amritzer will preach! Glory to God!!

02 July 2007


Yesterday I arrived in Norway after an amazing missiontrip to Croatia. We were alltogether 42 people (mostly youths) from our church in Norway (Zoè Kirken). We drove with bus all the way down to Croatia (2400km one way)The first three days we spents in Zagreb and three days in a beautiful city called Split. I can't find much better things to do than joining a teamtrip like this. It beats any form of vecation!

The temperature was very high compared to Norway. In Zagerb it was ok, but in Split there were close to 40C. It was impossible for us to be active during the day, but in the evening it became calmer and we went to the streets with big blast. There we had dances, drama, songs, testimonies and preaching of the Gospel. We saw 48 people saved on during those days in Croatia. We had people from churches with us, and they probably led people to Jesus as well. Croatia is a strong Catholic country and it was not always easy to reach them. Many of them thought they had all settled by going to church, being baptized and living a good life. But Jesus didn't mainly tell us to do all those things (all of it is well and fine), but Jesus told us to follow him and live in Him. Many of the Catholics haven't a personal relationship to Jesus and have not experienced the love of God. We saw God touching Catholics those days and we praise God for that.

I will show you some picture from those days. If you take a look at: http://chrisfrilans.com/plogger/index.php?level=collection&id=26 you will find a lot of nice pictures from those days.

Here you see me with my dear sister and brother. I am so proud of them! It was my brothers first teamtrip in his life and he really enjoyed it. He played guitar in the band (on a high level I would say)

This picture discribes the beauty of the coutry!