27 March 2008

Oj oj oj...what can I say? I am impressed that you still have patience with me. I haven't been in the blogg mood for a while as you can see. I won't make any promises that I will be a faithful blogwriter in the future either, but anyway..here I am.

Right now I am sitting here at the libary of the University of Oslo. Loads of stuff to do and there seems no end to it, but praise God there is victory. When I think about it, I have only 5-6 weeks left of the this semester and then I have passed one year of arabic studies! I will probably continue to study arabic next year as well, where I take one semester in Damascus, Syria to improve my speaking skills. So let's see..I think that will be really cool.

I had a great Easter by the way. First I spent some days with my family at our cabin in Renå fjellet. Just relaxing, skiing in the mountains and eating lots of food and sweets hehe...Wednesday evening I went to Idre-fjellet in Sweden with a bunch of friends of mine. That was awesome! We rented 10 scooters and drove mile after mile...MAN! It is so much fun! Here are some pictures from the trip:


Vivvuke said...
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Vivvuke said...

cool to see that Mr Sig is still alive :)
And i have heard rumors that you will come to estonia?! :)

Carl Fredrik Ness said...

Oi! Oppdatering gett!! :)
Selv om den var fra mars så var den ganske ny med hensyn til når du legger inn innlegg... Hehe.
Stå på, 1 blogg i uka er godt for luka. Gud er god!

Anette said...

wow, en update fra Siggen!!! he he... Du må følge opp sida vettu;) Vi ses!!!

Anders Branderud said...

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