09 November 2007

The fellowship of sharing in his sufferings...

Hei! To day I was watching Benny Hinn on God TV. That channel is such a blessing from God and I can sit there forever listening to the word of God. I was really touched by what Benny Hinn shared to day and I just want to share with you briefly.

He read from the book of Phillipians, chapter 3:10

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, (NIV)

This is a powerful verse and I have read it many times, but very often I have stopped at the part which says: "...to know Christ", we all want know him, and "the power of his resurrection", because we want all the power from God so we can do mighty things for God.

But B. Hinn talked about what comes next in this verse; "and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.." This part we often skip because it makes us a bit scared. But this is the fellowship that God want to enter into. A fellowship that the Apostle Paul desired with all of his heart. As Benny Hinn said, very few Christians to day know about this fellowship, it is unfamiliar to us. But when Jesus touches us with his presence and glory He want us to participate in all of who He is. He want us to come closer to Him and unite with Him.
The verse goes on to say; "..becoming like him in his death". To die..? Yes, that is the position God want us to be in, where we are no longer fighting on our own, but rather resting in his presence and let Jesus take controll. A postion where Gods presence is over us 24 hours a day, not just now and then. How? It happens when you die to yourself and Jesus becomes alive in you. His glory rests on you and stays there. The postion the Bible talks about as "prayer without season..." "walking in the spirit", "walking in love". That is the place God has ready for all of us here on earth.

I don't know if I expressed myself good enough here, but I hope the Holy Spirit does his part too. My friends, there is much more to the Christian life than we have exprienced so far. It is easy to settle down and think this is it. But let never the thirst and the hunger for God diminish in your life. Jesus is really alive to day!! Let us get to know Him personally in a deeper way.

God bless you.


Vivvuke said...

wonderful thoughts, i have thought about it too and wondered what it really means to share the fellowship of His suffering. is it to be persecuted because of His Name of is it to die to yourself or both.

How are you brother? When will you came te Estonia? ;) God bless You mightily!!!

Sigurd said...

Hei! Great hear from you! I miss all of you guys from Estnonia. But in January I will most likely come with Tom Jensen to Estonia. It's going to be awesome!! How are you then? Styding swedish?? Be blessed sister and let's keep in touch;)

Vivvuke said...

Ja, jag hade en möjlighet att läsa svenska - jag fick ett bra jobb ock de betalade för mina svenska studier :P
Det är så kul att ni kommer hit!
Be blessed :)