19 October 2007

Hei! I just want to write briefly here on my bloggy. Yesterday I came home to my family for the weekend. And after being in Oslo the last weeks it is good to see them again. So what have I been doing lately? Hmm...the studies takes most of the time during the weeks. I tell you, to study arabic is not the easiest thing to do, but it is fun (even though I am tempted to through the arabic book out of the window sometimes) When I look back I actually realize that I have learned something. We have three tests before the excam in Descember and we have to qualify on two of them. I have qualifed on the two tests we have had so far, so then I am ready for the excam.

Apart from from the studies then...what have I done? Last weekend I had the priviledge to join one friend of mine, David Aanje, to Hamar and preach for the youths in his church, Livets senter. That was great! Long time since I preached so it was good to start again. That church runs a tv channel as well and I was attending one of their programs that was about missions. So they made an interview with me and I shared some of my experience as a missionary. So in november you can see me on the Christian channel, Visjon Norge.

Now my time is running out here...I need to go back to my studies. I have a lot of things to do. No room for vecation yet!

God bless you all!!

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Anette said...

Hey hey, an update from you! På tide!!! men du, jeg sjekker opp adressa til Josef til uka....er ikke i Estl akuratt nu..