07 September 2007

Hei! I am still alive!!!!!!! Yooohooo...Yeah, please forgive me for not writing on my blog these last months. Actually I have tried twice but just right before publishing it, something happened to the computer. Now I try for the third time, and I will just give you a brief information of what I am doing now a days.

As most of you know, I returned back from Estonia in Mai, after nearly two years there serving as a missionary. I must admit that I miss that time more and more....It was for sure an amazing time in my life. But though I am not living there I will visit the church and the people now and then.

To day I am enjoying the life as a student. I am now studying at the University of Oslo, where I study about the Middle East and North Africa (culture, society, politics, religion and Arabic) This year will mostly concist of Arabic-studies. I am actually planning to learn Arabic. Next year I might take one semester in Damascus in Syria to practice the language, but that is not descided yet. You may wonder why I chose to study this? The reason is mostly becaue I feel God is calling me to do missionwork among the Arabs in the area of Middle East and North Africa. It is a exited study but also very challenging!

This was all for this time, but I will try to write more often;) This weekend it is the youthconferance "Breack Through" in Zoè Kirken, and I am really looking forward for those days. Tom Jensen, Remi Høidahl and Johannes Amritzer will preach! Glory to God!!


Anette said...

Hey broh!!!! Good to 2 "hear" from you and see that you're still alive - haha! And good to read that you actually miss us and the Estonian life!!!!!!!!! Exciting to read about your studies & life in Oslo. We pray that you will be blessed in your studies and we are cheering you on man! Favour favour favour!

Jen & Annie!!!

Anette said...

By the way....du må jo forandre info om deg selv på høyresida...du er vel ikke fortsatt misjofjærn i Estland?1

Zhenghao said...

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Liu Zhenghao

Jenny said...

Hey man! Good to hear from you! :-) Thanks for all the blessings!he he, all good gifts comes from our Father above!:-) I will try my best to keep updating..:-) Hope you´ll do the same ;-) God bless you richly bro, and good luck with arabic studies and stuff!!:-)