02 July 2007


Yesterday I arrived in Norway after an amazing missiontrip to Croatia. We were alltogether 42 people (mostly youths) from our church in Norway (Zoè Kirken). We drove with bus all the way down to Croatia (2400km one way)The first three days we spents in Zagreb and three days in a beautiful city called Split. I can't find much better things to do than joining a teamtrip like this. It beats any form of vecation!

The temperature was very high compared to Norway. In Zagerb it was ok, but in Split there were close to 40C. It was impossible for us to be active during the day, but in the evening it became calmer and we went to the streets with big blast. There we had dances, drama, songs, testimonies and preaching of the Gospel. We saw 48 people saved on during those days in Croatia. We had people from churches with us, and they probably led people to Jesus as well. Croatia is a strong Catholic country and it was not always easy to reach them. Many of them thought they had all settled by going to church, being baptized and living a good life. But Jesus didn't mainly tell us to do all those things (all of it is well and fine), but Jesus told us to follow him and live in Him. Many of the Catholics haven't a personal relationship to Jesus and have not experienced the love of God. We saw God touching Catholics those days and we praise God for that.

I will show you some picture from those days. If you take a look at: http://chrisfrilans.com/plogger/index.php?level=collection&id=26 you will find a lot of nice pictures from those days.

Here you see me with my dear sister and brother. I am so proud of them! It was my brothers first teamtrip in his life and he really enjoyed it. He played guitar in the band (on a high level I would say)

This picture discribes the beauty of the coutry!


Anette said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! Virker som dere har vært på en utrolig tur! Gøy! Bra når mennesker får møte Jesus :)

Jenny said...

Hey! That´s amazing! It must have been so great!:-) Really nice pictures too! Praise God for all the people getting saved! Be blessed!:-)