08 January 2006

Happy New Year everyone! Now I am back in Estonia, and a great time is waiting. I had a wonderful time in Norway together with my family and friends. But it is feels very good to be back. I am so excited for what's ahead and what God has in store! After Christmas I returned to Estonia with a team from Zoè Church (you can see all of us on the picture..) We had a wonderful time together and it was sad to let them go. It is a pleasure to fellowship with brothers and sister in the Lord and longs to serve Him!

Let us run the race that Jesus had set before us this year! I heard one say;"Life is too short so I have to run!" We live in important times, and there is no time to lose.

God bless you all!

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Anette said...

Yes, it was very nice to have Norwegians here for the weekend :) Good start for a new year!!!