02 July 2006

Titt tei (hello in norwegian.)

One picture describes more than 1000 words, so I don't need to write too much this time (let's see hehe). This picture was taken yesterday, when two of my friends and I went out with the boat. Just look at this picture and the view I have behind me. I might also introduce my dear friend standing behind me, Ole Thorbjørn. Life is so good here in Norway at the moment and the weather is outstanding. When that picture was taken, I am about to jump into the water which holds a temperature around 20C, and it's getting warmer..johoo. There is no doubt about it, the summer has arrived to the viking land.

In the evening that same day we went some more guys to a youthconferance in a place called Hedmarktoppen, about 200km north of my hometown. The missionary, Johannes Amritzer was preaching (you find his website adress below on the lift side.) It was such a powerful evening where close to 100 youth received Jesus into their hearts and about 100 youths were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Johannes was preaching about how much ONE LIFE is worth. How much is it worth for you? I am not able to refere to all what he said, but my desire to live my life for others grew even more.

So many people all over the world are crying out for the Saviour who can help them and meet their needs. Are you willing to offer your "good"reputation, your own dreams for others? Are you willing to lay down your life for Jesus Christ so that he can use you to reach people in need? To day there are more than 6 billion people on the face of the earth, which means that there are more people on this planet than there are people in heaven!! God desires to reap this great harvest and bring as many as possible to heaven!! But He can do NOTHING without your willing heart, without your feet, arms and mouth in action! God is depending on YOU! One day you will stand face to face with Jesus, and he will ask you; "What did you use your life for, did you just live to please yourself, or did you live to lead soul after soul to heaven?" You can choose what to answer;)

Have a great summer!!

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