23 October 2006

Right now I am in Slovakia and attending a pastorcourse! I have been here for about a week and on Friday I'II return back to Estonia. It has been such a blessing to be here. There are about 85 pastors and leaders here, representing 20 different nations. So I have got to know many wonderful people. I am the only one from Norway and the youngest one too, but that is great:) The first day of the week, Ulf Ekman was teaching and it was outstanding as usual. Teachers from Word of life University like; Svante Rumar, Paul Burge and Birgitta Andersson have been here too. And every day has given me so much revelation in the word. It has been amazingly good! On the picture on the top you see the word of life church in Bratislava (the city where I am in). The worship was heavnly and fresh, a church full of life! The other picture is of all of the pastors in the classroom...


Helina said...

I'm so happy for you that you're attending this pastor course...Very good.

God bless you!!!And see on sunday hopefully:D:D

Snillip said...

Pastor Siggen!!
Herlig stoff å lese. Koser meg når jeg leser bloggen din.
bless bless