05 February 2006

Heisann! This evening Mihkel and I went to prison (not because we robed a bank..). We had such a blessed time as always. We never know how it turns out to be, but God is faithful and leads the way -as always! First we visited an "open cell". A cell with six prisoners who are allowed to work, and have more "freedom" than the rest of the prisoners. Majority of those are released from prison in some months...So to day we actually discussed marrige;) And I have a lof of experience hehe,...not. But we had some good conversations! Then we went to our churchroom and gathered about 20 prisoners. Mihkel shared about "the believers authority", and it was very good! We are now planning to start some kind of a bibleschool. Our goal is then to start a training program for the christian prisoners, and teach them the word of God! Then we will also have gatherings for the rest of the prisoners, with focus on evangelism! So I believe great things are about to happen! Please pray for us and the prison ministry;) Bless you all!!

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Helina said...

Hallelujah...Good luck to you!!!!
I'll pray for you and your work in prison.You're doing a good things,very good...it will change someones life for sure...totally:):)
God bless you!!!!!