16 February 2006


This Tuesday was not like any others days, it was the Valentines Day! Instead of wasting time and money on a date with a girl, I wanted to do something radical...maybe not very radical, but it was funny. Together with some other youths from church we went to downtown Tartu. There we handed out warm tea, and chocolate for people passing by. We also gave them a red Valeintines-card formed as a heart, and the scripture from Joh 3:16 was written on.

We had a really good time, and people enjoyed it a lot. Many wondered why we did this for them, what kind of people we were. This opened the door to tell the Gospel to them! I like this kind of thing, and we should do this more often. As Christians we should be much more visible to people! So this was a good way to celebrate Valentines day, wasn't it?

Be a witness for Jesus;)

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Carl Fredrik said...

Every day is like Valentine day for God! So it`s great that we can share the good news to the world! :D
His love is amazing, and it`s just fascinating me more and more and more for every day, every hour!! Our God is a Good God, and he his in true a awsome God!! Bless bless!!