08 March 2006

Vecation in Norway!!

I figured out it was time to let you know that I am still alive...Right now I'm actually in Norway. I came Saturday, but next Monday I'II return to Estonia..I can't stay too long here;) So now a days I am working and saving up some extra money (In April I will go on trip to Russia, and some extra money is needed..) My mum got me bussy, and she have a long list of things she wants me to do...The last couple of days I have ironed my dads shirts..and yes, it took about two days to finish. And still there is more to do (we have a iron-room at home, and it is unfolded clothes everywhere!!) But to day I went over to the kitchen and washed the shelves there...You are probably not intersting in reading a list of what I am doing the whole day. I need to say that I was skiing about 20 km to day. There is so much snow here in Norway, it is beautiful! They say it hasn't been like this for 40 years!! So next time it will experience this, I might be around 60 years old. So I better enjoy this before my stomach gets too big, and my hair too grey;) Life is good! This coming weekend, Ulf Ekman is coming to Zoè Church, and I have great expectations for it! Stay blessed!!

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Phillip Wahlberg said...

Hei Siggen!!!!!!!!Mye snø i Norge nå ja. artig at du er her igjen. Har savnet deg ille:)