20 March 2006

Heisann heisann!

This weekend I was on a youthcamp with youths from the church in Taru. And it turned out to be real success! Friday evening we arrived on a peaceful area, one hour south of Taru. That night we had a woundeful time together with social activites and barbecue. When everyone had went to bed, three other guys and I went to the sauna. After that I was relaxed and more than ready for a good night sleep:) Saturday we woke up to a dream-weather and many went for skiing. In the evening we had a youthservice where pastor Eino was preaching. Actually he didn't preach so much that evening because the Holy Spirit had other plans. The Holy Spirit took over and the presence of God was greatly manifested. Youths were praying for eachother and they were all met by God! It was a wonderful eveing! That's the best thing with youthcamps like this, when youths that maybe never have met God personally, can meet Him in a strong way and their lifes are changed forever!

I am so glad I can serve a God who is alive to day, a God that loves us and desire the best for us! Sunday, the last day of the camp, we visited a Baptist church in that city. In the morning Eino was preaching (the Holy Spirit was there still, and He had some words from Heaven to give us..). In the evening I had the priveledge to preach at the youthservice (I don't know if I ever will have the chance to preach in a Baptist church...maybe..hehe..) I was speaking about how God has equiped us and made us ready to spread His Kingdom to the ends of the earth!

Be blessed brothers and sisters!

Jesus is Lord!!

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear what god does in Estonia!! virkelig gode nyheter du serverer på nett siden. Når Den hellige ånd kommer slik han gjorde i Møte til Eino, det er jo da det blir spennende å være frelst.
stå på.