13 February 2007

Now I haven't written on my blog for a while, so it is about time. Right now I am back in Slovakia. I came laste week and will return to Estonia the 16th. This week the pastor from Word of Life in Moscow teaching us. His name is Mads Ola Ishoel and also from Norway!!! So now we are two norwegians here... He is teaching about the development of man, from a psychological perspective. This is such an important teaching about how man is developing from being a small baby until he grows up.... About how the personality is formed, what makes us the one we are. It is very intersting!

On the picture you see a small city called Banska Stiavnica. I went there with some of the guys who live in this city and visited their church. It was a very intersting place. 250 years ago it was a lot of gold in that place and people came from everywhere to search for gold. But now all the gold is gone and the gold-diggers too. So to day it is a peaceful place away from people. But I liked to be there and it was a blessing to visit
their church!
Here you see the guys I went together with. I am so glad that I got to know them. It is a blessing to get to know people from different places in the world.

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