26 February 2007

Many Muslims meets Jesus Christ to day!!

I came over an amazing site that you have to enter. To day thousands of Muslims discover that Jesus Christ is alive. That Jesus is the one that gives them abundant love and peace.

If you enter on this file below here, you will see a movive about a radical Muslim, who fought against Christians, but one day Jesus appeared to Him. Jesus showed him that He is the way, the truth and the life.

I have such a love for the Muslims, and I pray that thousands upon thousands of Muslims will meet Jesus so they can see that He loves them so much, even to the extend that He gave up His life for them! You will be richly blessed by watching this video:



Helina said...

Yes I agree with you.This video is such a blessing....and it was so good to see how Khalil changed totally by meeting Jesus!!!!

Tanith said...

Keep up the good work.