07 March 2007

Hei! I just want to write a very short update on what's going on. Yesterday I arrived in Slovakia again and it was good to be back again! When it comes to the weather there are big contrasts between Estonia and Slovakia. I left Estonia with minus degrees and snow, but here the spring has arrived and the sun is shinging while the birds are singing! So after class to day I played football together with a group of pastors. I also have to say that it has been so good to day, listening to Joachim Lundquist teaching aboiut youth ministry! He has so much experience and many stories to tell. I got so inspired! To morrow I will preach on a youthmeeting in one of the pastor's church, here in Bratislava! So that's a blessing to be given that chance. I am really looking forward to that. OK, now I will go to bed. This time I am sharing room with three guys from Poland. Wonderful people! You hear from me later;)


Anette said...

Godt å lese på bloggen din - oppdater snart igjen! ;) Begynner blir varemere her også...er pluss 5 grader idag. Halleluja!!!!! VI ses!

Helina said...

yes this preaching thing is so you...You do it so well.I have been enjoyed every your preaching.

and see you soon!!!Be blessed!!!