18 March 2007

Friday night I came back from some fantastic days in Slovakia. I just want to give you some pictures from those days. Let's start with a picture of the castle me and some russian pastors visited. It was a huge castle which was build in the 13th century and and a lot of history belongs to it. And I was amazed by walking inside of it, watching room after room with luxurious furnitures. I heard one "funny" storie from that castle. They had problem heating this huge castle, so the ladies who were suppose to wear dresses, were freezing all the time and therefore became easily sick. So the women died often in a age between 30-50 years.

Yeah, you see the yard on the inside of the castle.. A massive place. There is much more to tell but..On the way back from Slovakia to Estonia I landed in Prague, so I spent a whole day there by my self. I was there last year, but it is such a nice city, so it was worth seeing it a second time. I give you a picture from there as well.

I went up in the tower of the citycastle, so I got a panorama view of the city! I aslo visited a place called the Betlehem Chapel, who belonged to the Charles University of Prague. The dean for the Universtiy and the pastor for this chapel was called Johannes Huss. He was born in 1369 and he brought reformation to Czeck Republic. He actually laid the foundation for the reformation in Germany with Martin Luther. Johannes Huss died as a martyr, only 45 years old. He was a man that stood up for the truth of the Bible and even gave up his life for it. What an example for us, and a man to follow!

On the picture to the right you see the inside of the Bethlehem Chapel.

So this is some of what I experienced. This weekend has gone by fast. I recommend you to read Anettes blog for more info about the weekend:) Here is a picture of us eating at a restaurant after been in the church. Here in Estonia, especially in the church there is a majority of girls. This means that I most of the time hang out with girls (I don't complain...), but to day we were two guys around the table. He is a wonderful brother from Finland, called Joona, studying theology here in Tartu. OK, this was all for this time! Be blessed.


Anette said...

Nice nice! Great pics there :)

Helina said...

yes yes, very nice pictures....sorry that I came so late so that you had to wait when I was finished eating...but still it was good to be with you all.

Be blessed

Lise said...

Hello dear brother! How are you!? I'm enjoying my stay in India, thank u for message today. Bless you! Hug Lise