19 September 2006

Dear friend!

Just want to say hello and tell you that this sunday Anette and I went to Riga in Latvia. Ulf Ekman was preaching in one of the churches there (a huge and good looking church) It was so inspireing to listen to Ulf preaching about the spirit of faith! Right now I am reading his book "Faith that overcomes the world", a powerful book that all christians should read! Yeah, so we came to Latvia just before the service 11am and then we spent the rest of the day in Riga. What a nice city it is?! I will actually travel to this city every month this year. As you know I will take the pastorcourse in Slovakia, and I realized that the cheapest way to get there, is to travel from Riga Airport. You see, to take the buss from Tartu to Riga (back and forth) will only cost me 70NOR!!! A ride for free allmost...Jupp, that was all I had to say for this time, but you hear from me soon;)


Snillip said...

Koser deg i riga skjønner jeg. Bra at du tar pastorskurset,tror det blir knall bra.. Hørtes billig ut den turen også..hehe.. Fra meg til Halden og hjem med buss koster det 150 kr...

Helina said...

Good that you are back in Esto for so long time after summer....so good to see you

God bless you!!!