04 September 2006


Just want to send a brief update to what I have done lately. This past week, one of my best friends (from England) visited me and spent one week in Norway. He is one of the guys I lived together with during the Bibleschoolyear in USA. So I desided to let him discover some of the beautiful parts of Norway. So we drove the car first to my family in Sogn og Fjordane, then to Bergen and visited my onkle and aunt, then to Haugesund to see some of our friends from Bibleschool and finally in Stavanger where we also stayed with a young couple we both knew from the Bibleschool year. One the picture you see us on the famous place called "Prekestolen". What a place? Oh God, what a creator He is!! On the way over the mountain of Hemsedal we suddenly saw a couch that somebody had forgot (they must have been in a big hurry..)But we thought if was funny, so we took a rest there..

To morrow I am going to Uppsala in Sweden, because on Thurday I will travel with Carl Gustav to Albania and Bulgaria. I am so excited for what God has in store! So next week on the 12th of September I am returning back to Estonia! It is an honour to serve my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and be use by Him.

Be blessed my friends, and check out the blog now and then in the future to come;)

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Snillip said...

kjemp moro at du er på tur med severin. Sug til deg..(behøver vel egentlig ikke si det til deg,men ..hehe) Lykke til videre i Estland..Lyst til å komme å hilse på. Får se om det går!