19 November 2006

22 years old to day

Yes, so to day I am finally 22 years of age...I guess it's a good age, or? Let's say so. At least I am happy to be here attending this pastorscourse. This morning at the breakfast, they sung the birthdaysong first in english, then in russian, greek, spanish and swedish...Never experience that before;) I feel so blessed to be here. Sometimes I feel that God is too good to me! And he is..that's why I want to serve Him with all of my heart!

This day have been just great. Most of the pastors went to the church, and I just love this church! Then we went some people to downtown, where we relaxed and eate some ice-cream on Mc Donald's.

Yesterday we move to an other place for the lessons. The building (where the picture is taken from, to the left) was actually a former cummunism school! But thank God for the fall of the communist regime, and to day the building is used to teach pastors!! Hallelujah, that's what I call victory!

The next coming week we will have teaching in church history. I have heard that this course is very special and a great blessing. So I am looking forward to it!

Ok, that was a shorte update! Be blessed!


Helina said...


I'm happy when you're happy attending this pastors course...We all miss you here...

Be blessed!!

Carl Fredrik Ness said...

Igjen: Gratulerer med dagen kjære venn! :)

Snillip said...

Pastor siggen 22år. Bøyer meg i støvet:)

Anette said...

Grattis kjære medarbeider, kompis og lille-bror!! ;)Du fikk jo sang over telefonen da - stod faktisk midt i en H&M butikk. Hva gjør man ikke. Ses snart!!