12 November 2006

Hei! Now I just came back from the church in Polva. Because to day I had the priviledge to preach there. It was a blessing to be there and share the word. I shared about the Living water that flows on the inside of us. From reading in John 4:10,14, you see Jesus talking with the samaritan woman. So I used this story to learn from what Jesus did. Jesus new He was a gift from God, He knew he possessed Living water, and He knew that he could give it away! If you want to know more, get the tape hehe..God is so good! I love that church and the people there were so hungry for God, you could just sence it. Next to me is my dear friend, Tom, who was helping me interpreting. He did a great job!

Yesterday I invited my friends to celebrate by my 22nd birthday. My real birthday is on the 19th, but then I am in Slovakia for the pastorscourse. That was actually the second time I had my birthday in Estonia. Maybe more in the future, who knows? It was a blessing for me to have them over! I am getting older guys...but I'm getting closer and closer to heaven.

Earlier the same day, many of the youths from Polva went down to the marketplace in the city. It was a great time for all of us. For some of the youths it was the first time reaching out to other people. So we had baked a lof of cakes and served tea and coffee. A good opportunity to talk to people and sow into their lives. It is important for us Christians to be visible to people. This way was a good start for the Polva youths, and it's something that we'II continue with!

Tuesday I will go to Slovakia and I'm looking forward to it. It was such a blessing for me last time. I am thankful to God for his provision and that I am able to go there. What an a wonderful God we serve!! You hear from me later;)


Anette said...

Good updating!! Og JA, bør sannelig bli flere bursdager i Estland - du har rett der, kompis!

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