25 November 2006

Back from some fantastic days in Slovakia.

Yesterday night I came back to Estonia! It has been some amazing days in Slovakia. It's getting better and better. The pastorscourse gives me more than I could imagine. This week I listened to teaching about the Church history. It was really interesting and it made me understand that God has been moving all through the centuries. Mighty things have happended. One example is a church father called, Ireneus (130-202), who was casting out demons, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. Even dead persons were raised up! The Church was moving strong!!

But later the Church splitted up, and miracles ceased. But still God used different people in mighty ways! It is intersting to see how God has restored things back to his original plan. And that we live in a time where God gives us insight about his will, so will can start to live like the early Church. A Church that manifested the Glory of God.

Yesterday I had also the chance to see Prague for the first time. I had to wait on the airport for many hours, so I descided to see Prague. God blessed me! On the airplane from Slovakia I sat next to a missionary from Spain. (You see her on my left side. The picture above is also from Prague) She was together with some school teachers from Spain and helped them interpreting. They invited me to join them in the city. They had to wait for a plane too. So they guided me around to famous places. We had such a good time together. And I want to learn Spanish as never before!!

It's good to be back in Estonia. And I will run fast now, the time before Christmas!

Be blessed;)

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