13 December 2006


The last days have been very hectical so I haven't been able to write on my blogg. Right now I am in Slovkia. I arrived last night, and it felt good to be back again. It is really God's grace that I have the chance to be here. I was reminded to day that this is really a time that I'll never receive again, a time to let God speak to me through His word, a time to fellowship with him and get to know Him more intimate. Very often God gives you great gifts in life. He can put you in a position where you have the change to grow and be stronger. But then it is up to you how we use the posibilites God is giving us. Those situation can either give you nothing, or it can change your life forever! It is all up to you;)

I have mention that the previous sunday we had a concert in the prison! It was better than I taught it should be. We had all the prisoners (85 guys) in the sporthall and a team from the church sung and played for them. Then one evangelist called Villy Vork was invited to preach the Gosple that night. And it was so good! Many prisoners took a real descision to follow Jesus! Many bow the head, closed their eyes and prayed the salvation prayer! A great sight. Then we served everyone "gløgg" (christmasdrink) and cake, which they really appreciated. Later, Villy, dressed as the St. Claus and he gave every one a christmasgift. They were for sure shocked when the saw St.Claus in the prison..hehe..
In the evening we showed a Christian movie on a big screen in the sport hall. A touching movie about the reality of heaven and hell. That the life can suddenly be over and then..what then?

It was a great time there. I talked with several prisoners and I could see that they had receive something strong from God. The power of the Gospel is what people longs for!

(We were not allowed to take any picture inside the prison this time, so I am not able to give you any pictures.)

You here from me sooner or later, be blessed!

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