04 December 2006

This day was an intersting day. I was invited by the coverment to visit an old prison in Tallinn. The reason I was invited was because I work as a volantaire in a prison, so I was together with several other prisonworkers also. But that prison is one of the most terrible places I've ever seen. It was built in the 18th century and was closed in 2002. I went into rooms where prisoners have been killed, and it was still marks of blood on the floor! They didn't know how many who have been killed there. During the communist time, thousands were arrested, and the prisons were overbooked. One room, for instance, was made for 16 people, but they had sometimes 50 prisoners inside of that room. They had to sleep in a certain position in order for everyone to fit in. And during the night the guard woke up everyone and told them to change position of sleeping. Grazy..! I also have to add that they slept on the floor without any bed, and druing the winter it could be freezing cold, because the heatingsystem seldom worked...

After visiting that prison, many of us went to a covermentbuilding to eate and talked togehter about the situation in different prisoners. It was good, and I had the chance to share from my own experiences. The main leader for all of the prisoners is a Christian, which make it easy for us to do spread the word of God in prisons.

Believe me, after visiting that prison in Tallinn, you would be more than thankful that you are a free person! Let us use our freedom and our lives to glorify God!



Snillip said...

Hei Siggen. må ha vært spennende og se hvordan det var i det gamle fengselet!!Sikkert en sterk opplevelse! Når kommer du hjem på Juleferie?! Jeg har ferie fra 15 desember så vi kunne jo funnet på noe!!:) Bless bless!!!

Carl Fredrik Ness said...

Artig at du ble invitert da, sikkert veldig viktig å knytte kontakter å snakke med ledere for fengselsvesenet slik at dere kanskje kan få enda fler muligheter til å få forkynt evangeliet! :-)