19 January 2007

About one hour ago I arrived in my apartment in Estonia. I haven't been here since descember so I have allmost forgot how it is over here. What met me was a freezing cold apartment (I am now heating up with the fireplace, but it is still cold here...), and a bunch of bills that have been waiting for me. But the word of Paul came to my ear: "I have learned to be content in every situation." So soon the room is warm and the bill is payed! I rejoice in every situation! That is the greatest strength we have -the joy of the Lord.

But I feel as such a blessed man. It is like the blessing and the goodness of God has overtaken me. He really gives us the desire of our heart! The days at the pastorscourse have had such an impact on my life. The spirit of God has been working so strong these days! A new hunger and eager to seek Gods face in prayer and in the word. I have actually much to say about these days, and several things happened. But I don't have time now...

To morrow I will have the youthmeeting in Polva, so I need to get read for that! Please remember me in prayer for the work over here. Be blessed brothers and sisters!!!

Allright, that's all for this time!

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