04 January 2007

Look at this beautiful picture I took not far from where I live!

With that picture I just want to wish you a blessed New Year!!

Only the best is ahead. I believe for the best in 2007. What if this year was the only year you had left? What would you do? Hmm..Feeling can go fast up and also fast down. Are you going to follow them and move like a rollercoaster. Or are you going to step out in faith and believe that Jesus is Lord in your life. He holds around you all the days of 2007. You might feel He is gone some times... What then? No cimrcunstance comes as a suprise to him. No situation is too hard for him either. Jesus is God, and without him NOTHING was created. He knows what 2007 will bring. He knows the tough times and the good time you will face. "No one can take my life away from me. I have have the power to lay it down and the power to take it up" Jesus said before He was curcified. Nothing could stop Him. Nothing was too big and hard for Him. He ruled over every circumstance, every difficult cirmumstance. He went through it and came out in victory. He conqured death and hell! To day, and this year, Jesus Christ is your Lord. He leads you (out of battles) into victory. He desires the BEST for you;)

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