12 January 2007

Hello! Here on this picture you see the hotell in where I am attending the pastorscours in Slovakia. Tuesday I came over here after a long and good vecation in Norway.

The days here on this course is like a great conferance. I gain a lof from the time here. This week we have had the churc history from the 17th century up to our time. It was very inspiering to hear how God has used men and women through the ages. To day we are marked by what happened hundreds years back.

To day the body of Christ lives in complicated times, where they are attacked from two sides: secularizing and Islam. Through history we see how for instance Islam has taken over big parts of the world. North Africa was in the 7th century a Christian continent, but to day Islam rules. We see that Islam is coming strong as never before to Europe. If the Church doesn't take this seriously we will see drastically changes in few years!

But I believe there is hope for Europe! There is time to reevangelize Europe. A time where Christians from all dominations go out in the fire of the Holy Spirit, with the Gospel.

So it is a blessing to be here in Slovakia, with pastors and leaders all over Europe. Together we get more united and we get focused and trained for the race that is set before us!

Let us bring Jesus to the world. Let the fire and the presence of Jesus flow out of us, out of you. Let the word of God be spoken from your mouth! Be blessed.

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Anette said...

Må svare på kommentaren du skrev på min blogg, for ja, er jo ikke det samme uten deg....hehe. Ses snart da, så får vi se hva fremtiden bringer ;)