09 April 2007

Happy Easter! Friday my dear sister came to visit me here in Estonia. It was so nice to see here again!After being here for soon 1 1/2 year, she is the first familymember who has visited me. We have had a really good time. Friday we had a youthmeeting and Lise had the chance to testify from here teamtrip to India. She goes 2nd year at Word of Life Bibleschool in Sweden, and she just came home from 5 weeks missiontrip to India. She experience so much and she inspired the youths to go out with the Gospel to all nations. It is no wonder why I am veeeery proud of her!!

Saturday, we were 12 youths gathering in the evening for prayer, before we went to downtown. There we divided us into smaller groups and we walked around talking with people and sharing the Gospel. And what happened in this time of the year, Easter, is really the heart of the Gospel. So it was a perfect time to do what we did. We experience many good things, and it is just wonderful to talk with people. It is one thing I have realized more and more. People are hungry for God!!!! They are seaching, they are thinking, they are looking around. The harvest is ready to be reaped.

It is great to be here! To day we went first to church, and Albert T├╝rpnu was preaching. He was the one who started the Word of Life church here in Tartu, and it was a blessing to listen to him. The church was more or less packed... After that Lise and I, together with three other girls went to our friend Joona and ate a really tasteful dinner. We had such a good time together! We were talking about God for hours and praying together (of course also eating..). But we experienced Gods presence so strong, and Joona was actually baptized in the Spirit for the first time! He was filled with the Holy Spirit and started to speak in other tongues.

Jesus died for you and for me, but he also resurrected from the dead! That is what we celebrate to morrow (or right now, since it is so late). Jesus resurrected, and this means He is alive to day. The Bible says that He ascended up to Heaven and sat down at the Father's right hand. He promised to send us (people on the earth) the Holy Spirit (which is equal with God, the Father and the Son). The Holy Spirit is here to meet us and to show us Gods Kingdom! To night we really experienced the Holy Spirit in a special way.

Now, it is late, and I need to go to bed. But I will end with saying that God has so much for you, but we all need to seek Him and ask Him to meet us. And then God will come and fill us and bless us! Not just for us to be blessed, but for us to go out and bless people around us. God wants to touch people through you!

"I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hell and of death." Revelation 1:18

Have a blessed Easter!

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