22 April 2007

I am sitting and reading in the Bible from the Gospel of John. It is so facinating to read what Jesus is saying in chapter 10:4,5

"When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.

But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.”

Very often we Christians are thinking and wondering and thinking and thinking and praying and seeking and thinking...about...where does God want me to go, or what does God want me to do, or am I doing the right thing, etc...I have at least been in that position. And you can sometimes go nuts and get frustrated. But when I read what Jesus is saying, it really sets me free. "...he (Jesus) goes on ahead of them, and his sheep (you and me) follow him because they know his voice." It seems to me that Jesus wants to make something clear for us here. He want us to understand how things really are. That we don't have to fight and struggle and worry about where we are going, or if we are going the right direction. Because we all want to go the right direction and do the will of God (talking about Christians). What Jesus is saying to us is:

"My dear friend. Why do you worry so much? Haven't you seen me? Lift up your eyes and look, I am walking before you. Don't be afraid of going wrong..but just follow me. I will lead you with my voice. There are many voices trying to get your attention, but when I speak you will hear me clearly. You know my voice."

By reading from John 10, you see that Jesus makes it very clear that the walk with Jesus is very simple. There is a rest and a great joy when you follow Jesus. He has chosen us to be His sheep. He goes before us and we just have to go where He is going. Sometimes it seems like He is going in a wrong direction or in a complicated way. A way we don' t understand by our intellect. But Jesus knows the best way to go. We just need to follow him and go where He tells us to go. What a priviledge it is to follow Jesus -our Great Shepherd.


Anette said...

Amen lillebror! :) Sant sant!

Helina said...

I also have been in that position - wondering, thinking, praying about God and what He want me to do etc.

And I also agree with you that John 10 is very good. Especially I like John.10:9...

God is love....life,truth & way etc but I didn't know He's a door...like it's written in chapter 10:9.....jajaja

Be blessed!!!