20 April 2007

This evening I arrived in Tartu after 11 days in Slovakia. As usual it was a great blessing to be there! The first week we had the theme called: "Christian counselling" which dealt with how to counsell people in different situations, what people are going through in times of cricis, their feelings and thoughts, etc. It was very interesting and helpful to know! Roberth Ekh, the pastor from Word of Life Church in Sweden was teaching, and he has about 25 years of experience on that field. In every subject we have on this pastorscourse, we have teachers with a lot of experience and great breakthrough in what they are teaching about! We really receive the best of the best!!

The 2nd part of the modul we had different subjects, such as Children ministry, help ministry and how to start Christian schools. All of that was amazing. With the teaching about children ministry, I almost wanted to become a children minister hehe...it is soooooo important to give the young people the word of God!

It says in Proverbs 22:6: "Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."

If we can reach the young people with the word of God, we will have a generation that never will depart from the ways of God. We had teaching about the Christian schools. I have never realized how important it is with Christian schools. 50 years ago the pulic schools were actually functioning like todays Christian schools. Every day they sung Christians songs, the read from the Bible and they prayed to God. Before the teacher let the students go home, she/he asked God to bless everyone of them and to protect them. This was a part of what the children received in their education. But now things are totally different. We have a puplic school system where God is left out. We can see the consequense of this to day. To days generations are growing up in Europe without any form of knowlege about God. Some say that we don't need God...But take a look at what's going on in society and what the statistic shows. Everything is pointing downwards. People are suffering of psycholigical problems more than ever, people are raped and people are killed constantly, and I could keep on writing a list...Yeah, I could keep on arguing for the importance of Christian schools. If we want to bring Norway, Estonia and the rest of Europe to where it was, we need to fucus on education with Christianity as a foundation. We might not realize the importance yet, put in 10-20 years we will definitely understand it! But if we start now with establishing Christian school all over Europe, we will have a generation who know their God and who is ready to stand up for the truth. A generation like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who refused to bow down for any other god than the Heavenly God. How come that they had such a boldness that they even was ready to die? It was because they were trained in the word of God from a very young age. They knew who the real God was and no one could convince them of something else.

So this modul of the pastorscousre stirred me up to fight for establishment of Christian schools in Europe! John Wesely who brought revival to Europe, understood the importance of education and put emphasize on that. The same did Martin Luther, who changed the whole of Europe by focusing on education of children. Let us learn from those men of God! Amen.

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